The Rock Star of The Gem World
Incredible to think that Tanzanite is only found in one very
small area at the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro. Measuring 7km x 2km it
is said that the chance of Tanzanite being found anywhere else
 on the planet is a million to one.
Tanzanite is an amazing   gemstone. It is by far the most popular blue gemstone after sapphire, It is a relatively recent discovery (1969).

Tanzanite is rare. In fact this beautiful blue violet gem is beyond rare. With just an estimated 30 years of supply remaining in the mine, as time passes Tanzanite becomes ever more precious. Tanzanite is found in only one place on earth, deep in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.

 Tiffany & Co. the world famous jewellers were responsible for giving Tanzanite its name They named it after its county of origin and Zoisite, the mineral family it belonged to.


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