Morganite-Onboard The Queen Mary 2

The Gemstone Morganite  is a member of the Beryl Family is Pink, Orange or Purple Beryl, which is the same species as Emerald. Beryls are beryllium silicates rich in minerals. Beryl has good hardness being 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Scale, Diamonds being the ahrdest of all at 10.
Many of the largest and most intensely colored Morganite stones are found in Madagascar and Brazil.
Made a lot of guests happy this month- selling pendants, earrings and rings, mostly  in Rose Gold settings.

During the Trans Atlantic Crossing from Southampton SOTON to New York, I was able to give live, informative and entertaining lectures on Morganite
.Pink Beryl has been around for millions of years, but only became known as Morganite, through the suggestion of Gemologist G.F. Kunz in 1911. It was named in honor of famous financier and Gem collector J.P. Morgan.


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